Living with Jack Frost day 4

Here we go

Me: ugh what can I do I’ve never gone this long without going to the pond

Yuhiro: why do you looks so glom 

Me: Well for starters that’s were I spend all of my time

Yuhiro: well think back before you went to the pond

Me: well I slept and drew anime and explored

Jack: why do you love that pond so much anyway

Me: it’s a long story for another day 

Jack and Yuhiro : why not


Me: well I’m bored still

Yuhiro lets play a game of life 

Me: alright


Living with Jack Frost

 Here goes another  day…


Me: I told you that you should have got some sleep anyway I am going to take a hike *leaves*

Jack: were are you going

Me: the pond

Jack: you spend a lot of time there don’t you

Me: we all have a place and a thing my place is that pond and my thing is singing anyway I’m leaving now bye

One I get back its dark

Me: I’m home

Yuhiro: I was so worried about you *pics me up*

Me: put me down

Jack: she spends a lot of time at that pond to be honest I’m not surprised that she’s just getting home now

Me: ha well that will probably be one of the last times I’ll be able to go there because there are shooters out

Living with Jack Frost day 3

So today I wan’t to wish everybody a marry Christmas Day so today I was…

Jack:get up get up *ses powers to flip the bed*

Me: what was that for 

Jack: Santa’s daughter will be staying with us for awhile 

Me: yo could have waited until morning

Jack she is almost here

Me: ok

Jack: her name is Yuhiro

Me: ok 


Me: whet was that 

Voic: I’m here *walks in* oh you must be Yuki like you I’m a what’s it called in training 

Jack: well your a clause in training and Yuki is a Frost in training

Yuhiro:  oh *mopes*

1hr later

Me: are you tired

Yuhiro: no it’s just dad he… He isn’t ever around a and mom is always in Canada not the North Pole *sigh*

Me: oh I’m sorry to hear that but you should still get some sleep

Living with Jack Frost day 2

So I was planning to go on a walk to my secret pond (not so secret anymore) 

Me: dad I’m going for a walk bye

Jack: we’re to 

Me:a special place

Jack: hold on I’m coming with yo ‘e: (is thinking: oh no can I sneak out Probly not) *tries anyway*

Jack: and were do you think your going 

Me: dad this place is sop posed to be a secret

Jack: even from your father

Me: *sigh* fine … Just FINE

Jack: well you sound like it’s putting you out

Me:no there’s more than what meets the eye ther

Jack: oh I get it go on then 

Me: thanks dad *runs out* 
So from now on I will do a q$a with you guys I will answer 3 questions a day it can be towards me or dad also feel free to ask questions about my vision or my life with Jack Frost or anime ya know just the regular q&a have a marry Christmas (or what ever you celebrate) and a happy new year


Hi guys jackfrostsdaughter daughter here an um… I need some serious enough help 

So here we go one day (as I this morning ) I bump into Jack Frost (not weird at all) any way we bump into each other is that not awesome and I freez somethng then he says so your the one I’ve been looking for and our conversation went down hill from there :

Me: me what do you mean ‘looking for’?

Jack: long story short we’re related 

Me: WHAT!?!?!?!

Jack : I’m kind of your dad

Me: that’s kind of ironic don’n you think II mean I have a blog called jackfrostsdaughter and here you are telling me I’m Jack Frost’s daughter

Jack: yup

Me: (just noticing the item I froze) did… Did I do this

Jack: yup

Me: I could not have I mean I’m a human a regular human

Jack: half human

Me: if you are my father then we’re have you been 

Jack: well because your a half human you needed to be raised by a human family

Me: a human family so we’re not really realated

Jack: they are still related to you but only in your human form

Me: so I have 2 forms human and 

Jack: guardian 

Me: ok then I can use magic

Jack: Yuki what does the word frost mean

Me: snow WICH it’s always magical for me so I use Ice magic like you and Gray

Jack: Gray?

Me: watch Fairy Tail what happens when I change forms

Jack: well your hair color changes from brown to white and you gain more magic y’know like controlling the wind

Me: I look nothing like you 

Jack: and oops I gotta go

weirdest day ever um is anybody else related to a magical being if so how did you find out deal with it I need help please answer in the comments

Tokidoki art

Hi guys so it’s jackfrostsdaughter here anyhow sorry I have not blogged in a while but stuff happened 😦 any way I mare ally into Tokidoki blind boxes /bags  so each week I am going to put a new unicorno drawingout 

I don’t own unicorno or the scent hook app 

So this week is Sellina she is from Tokidoki’s series 1 unicorno