A fish I drew in art class the smudge isn’t really there, and I know I should do something Halloween I just haven’t finished it yet.


The power of friends

    According to google a friend is “a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations” but a friend is someone you love, not like the kind of love you share with a companion or family member, which google may have gotten right but a friend is something more. A friend is someone you trust someone who trust you, someone who you can depend on and they can depend on you. The way I see it no one is really independent, think about it, once you move out of your parents house you may no longer depend on your parents but the first thing you’ll likely call your friend. He or she will congratulate you and that night you’ll throw a party and have fun, then he or she will go home. You had a good time and so did he or she. But then 2 months later your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you and you call your friend in tears and explain everything he or she will comfort you, you depend on your friend for comfort. Let me tell you a story:
     Back when I first started school I knew no one, well except my brother but he was a whole year younger then me, when I wanted a friend all I did was ask “hey do you wanna be my friend” . Now that I think about it I can’t imagine what was going on in that person’s head, but that’s what I said. Well most of the time we had only just met and I didn’t really know them and most of the time that was it. But I felt lonely still even though I had “friends”, I did not know them, they did not know me. This went on my entire kindergarten year, I had grown a crush on my neighbor (whom I’m going to call Happy because later on in life me and some of my real friends all got Japanese nicknames.) and somewhere in between my ant aunt ( yes I’m talking about you ant Hollyleaf) introduced me to a few ghibli films only one of which I remember, it was called “Ponyo”. Well I loved it. I don’t consider Ponyo to be my first anime though. 

     The next year in first grade I made my first friend I can’t really tell you how we met because anything before 3rd grade is a blur but I do know that we built it over time, we had arguments and such but no matter what in happened we never left each other. Third grade was our first big test, I had Made some other friends and (for some reason can’t remember why) I felt that I needed to hang out with them and excluded Tohru (my first friend’s nickname). This was closer to the end of the year but still.

     Tohru and I remained friends, just her and me. Both my other friends moved away after that year. Our next test was in 5th grade, I met another friend (who I’m gonna call L because he never got a nickname) and we hung out everyday again leaving out Tohru, though slowly and I mean very slowly she entered our little group. Eventually L left the group to get male friends (as he is a guy and hanging out with two girls probably wasn’t fun) we are still pretty close though.

     Our third and last test was in 6th grade, Tohru and I were deeply in love with anime so naturally we gravitated towards other anime fans until we made (I sat made because some of the people in this friend circle had not watched anime until we introduced it and if it weren’t for anime none of us would have really been able to talk about anything because at the time it was the only thing we all had in common however that grew a lot over time). Of course more friends equaled less Tohru and I bonding time but we soon fell in sync, though sometimes I miss the just Tohru and I times.
     The moral of the story is loyal friends are hard to find but once they are found they can’t be replaced in those 6 years of friendship I went through a lot of hardships ( loss of a dog, a horse, two rats, an eye surgery ect.) and so had she but no matter what she was there for me I depend on her, on all my Friends I always will and so will you. Thank you guys, I love you. I depend on you and thank you for trusting me you all have done so much for me, if any of you need help I’ll always be there to help just ask.

Word count: 803

Led to right Tohru cosplaying as Uno Gassi Moe just wearing an anime school uniform and memcosplayinh as Shiriyuki from Snow White with the red hair at nan desu kan 2016 day 1/3