Living with Jack Frost day 2

So I was planning to go on a walk to my secret pond (not so secret anymore) 

Me: dad I’m going for a walk bye

Jack: we’re to 

Me:a special place

Jack: hold on I’m coming with yo ‘e: (is thinking: oh no can I sneak out Probly not) *tries anyway*

Jack: and were do you think your going 

Me: dad this place is sop posed to be a secret

Jack: even from your father

Me: *sigh* fine … Just FINE

Jack: well you sound like it’s putting you out

Me:no there’s more than what meets the eye ther

Jack: oh I get it go on then 

Me: thanks dad *runs out* 
So from now on I will do a q$a with you guys I will answer 3 questions a day it can be towards me or dad also feel free to ask questions about my vision or my life with Jack Frost or anime ya know just the regular q&a have a marry Christmas (or what ever you celebrate) and a happy new year


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