Living with Jack Frost day 3

So today I wan’t to wish everybody a marry Christmas Day so today I was…

Jack:get up get up *ses powers to flip the bed*

Me: what was that for 

Jack: Santa’s daughter will be staying with us for awhile 

Me: yo could have waited until morning

Jack she is almost here

Me: ok

Jack: her name is Yuhiro

Me: ok 


Me: whet was that 

Voic: I’m here *walks in* oh you must be Yuki like you I’m a what’s it called in training 

Jack: well your a clause in training and Yuki is a Frost in training

Yuhiro:  oh *mopes*

1hr later

Me: are you tired

Yuhiro: no it’s just dad he… He isn’t ever around a and mom is always in Canada not the North Pole *sigh*

Me: oh I’m sorry to hear that but you should still get some sleep


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