Taste test

Today’s item is

It’s really sugary 10 out of 10


Taste test

Konichiwa today we have  

So let’s try the pink cream first it’s melted a bit but I tast like strabarries yum the brown is melted chocolate  the stick taste the Sam e

Next the strawberries and the stock it tastes like strabarry short cake the chocolate taste like neutella 

And all together

Can’t explain it but it’s good 10 out of 12


Hey guys this is kind of meaningful to me so no fun and games in this 

(From top to bottom) kyo, me, momza

Here are a few notes my mom has left over the years

Dear kids,

I made a mistake.

Your dad’s B-Day

Is tomorrow Not

Today. So try and 

Call him tomorrow . 

I L<3VE U both

& will mis you 

Tons until the 18th!!!!!!



So I’m using her grammar for this and exact words

To: AlexMarie

From: mommy

I had a great birthday wp

Weakened with you!

Thanks for being the

Best daughter ever!!!

Have fun at swimming 

Lessons & learn new 

Techniques! I will

See you soon and 

I promise we’ll

Have more fun next

Time. I love you

More than you’ll ever 


❤ ~mom


I’m also using the same lines as her

Taste test

Konichiwa today’s item is 

Yan yan

They all have words mine says fox.               Beware of lies first I’ll try the Cream

It tastes like sweet creamy milk it’s kinda cold even though it’s been in a bag on my way back from az

Next the stick 

A salty tasting breadstick and now together 

A Vineland flavor 

9 out of 10

I have two more flavors of them but that’s for another blog