Draw my lfe yay or nay

hi guys soooo i was wondering if you would like me to draw my life 


Not much 

Hi guys not much has been happening AT ALL so I’m going to tell you how I met my friend miki 

Soo if you have not noticed I love anime and I went to nan desu kan (an anime convention) anyway I passed a gir dressed as hatsune miki we just walked past each other

Anyway what I went back to school I got multi media arts I was talking to one of my otaku friends nalu about fairy tail well this girl herd me and we all started talking later I found out she was that miku cosplayer when she was showing me a pic of her latest cosplay we laughed a lot ‘cuz she remembered me too


You say English we say Japanese 

You say cats we say Neko people

You say one direction we say hatsune miku 

You say swords we say SAO

You say reality we say anime

You say comics we say manga

You say countries we say hetalai

You say hello we say connichiwa

You say good morning we say ohayo gozamasu

You say good night we say konbanwa

You say yes we say hai

You say no we say ie 

You crush on pop stars we crush on anime characters 

You think we are crazy we think your just WAY TOO normal

You say crazy we say soul eater

You say ocean we say one piece 

You say family we say FAIRY TAIL

You live in your world with cliques and bullying we live in our world of peace and friendship 

You think we are just fan girls/boys but really we are otakus 

We live in our own little world but our bond of friendship will never break

We fight for each other you fight for yourself

I am an otaku and I am proud to be one

Re post if you are a proud otaku