Hi guys jackfrostsdaughter here so. For a continuation thing from 5grade to 6grade my grandpa got me flowers and I had to say goodby to one of my best friends ( Quintin I’ve given him a shout out before ) I can’t post a pic of him (for security reasons and I don’t have a pic of him) but I CAN post the flowers

  The flowers

Now keep in mind that it was like 9:00pm and I could barely see so I didn’t notice the rainbow roses until morning ( for me that means 7:00am) that I noticed for the first time

  Rainbow rose


Ph&j cake rolls

are you hungry? Do you want to eat heathy? Well do I have a treat for you try a home made pb&j cake roll you will need

  • 2 slices of bread ( what ever kind you prefer)
  • A jar of SMOOTHE peanut butter (OBVOUSELY don’t eat it if you have a nut allergy)
  • Grape jam
  • Hony
  1. Take one slice of bread 
  2. Spread the jam all over the bread leaving the edge empty
  3. In all the areas whithout jam spread hony this will not only improve the taste but will help the bread stick later
  4. Roll the side whith the jam onto itself ( keep in mind it may help if you if you cut off the crusts)

Now that you’ve finished the jelly part let’s start the peanut butter part 

  1. Take the other piece of bread 
  2. Spread peanut butter all over it (be sure you cover all the bread)
  3. Spread the hony over the peanut butter (you really near to do that because peanut butter and bread don’t taste good together at all TRUST ME)
  4. Roll the bread ( Keep in mind the crust can be a problem)

And to da I hope you in joy you snack!




Hi guys I have to leave 3  shout out and they go to:

  1. Uncle chants (hi)
  2. Bergan 
  3. And last but not least Morgan ( hi nalu)

So I have 2 drawings to show you




Fav anime pics

your ANT asked who my fav anime charictors which I listed but want to send the pics of

  Salt in yellow  sugar in white and pepper in green









And one I forgot to mention yugi 

Ask away 2


Hi guys and holly leaf welcome 2 ask away 2 

1. Hollyhock asked What would you be the first thing you would do if you had a dream vacation in Japan?!?!

well hollyhock the first thing I would do would be to meet the voice actor of my anime crush dren and for those of you who don’t know him here is a picture of him p.s dren is nerd spelled basckword

   Dren freaking out ( yes he has fangs

2. Your ANT 😀 asked what type of things do you review on fanfic and for those of us that don’t know, what is fanfic?

Well I review anime fan fiction of corse but on fanfic the ratings are a bit wrong for example something that has a rating of k- ( which according to the site is for 9 years or younger) will start whith something more for am M rated movie and fanfic is too post fan fiction on the Internet and have people tell you how you can improve your work:) although I post only as a guest and can only review not post stories but like I said before I can’t really trust that site 

1. Your ANT 😀 also asked who are some of your favorite anime characters, and why?

Why are these related to anime in some way? Well I like Gray because he’s an ice wizard AND IF MY NAME DOESNT CLEARLY STATE IT I LOVE THE COLD AND ICE AND SNOW, I also like hony and momiji because they’re funny dren because let’s face it he’s adorable. Yugi because he’s so kind caring and CUTE Koru because his twin is the evil one NOT HIM Loki because he’s a celestial loin spirit ( he’s also known as Leo) and my last one is actually a girl and her name is Aries she is also a celestial spirit of the ram which I am too under the Chinese zodiac oh I almost forgot Salt, Suger and pepper the season fairies that can’t be separated my next blog will have pics of them, YAY 🙂

Ask away 1


Hi guys (and aunt Hollyhock I will have random names for you ha ha) I don’t know where to start for this one you can ask me quistions about my vision but I’ll start by telling you I’m legally blind.

So each week I will ( or whenever I remember/can) have 2 blogs (at least) one will be my blog on whatever and the ones titled ask away will have at least 10 questions from you guys each will have a random shout out to someone as far as friends or family

my shout out goes to my best friend Quinton who has to move away.

Language of music


my rives OK so hi guys. My name is jackfrostsdaughter you MIGHT know me from my reviews on fanfic. The reason this blog is called. The language of music is because no matter what language you speak you can enjoy😎. For example my favorite Japanese songs are killo killo killer and pon-pon. So anyway in a way music kind of unites us all. So there is one thing you should know and that is I’m blind but I’ll have fashion disines,drawings books and school or whatever else I can think of and my tomogachi friends! There names are Alex and Dren.

Oh and before I forget I’d like to give a shout out to my wonderful ant  aunt who helped me find this site and who I know will read it. Hi aunt Holly.