Top 10 cutest anime guys :) 

hi guys I’m back and better then ever 😉 soooo today I’m doing a top 10 cutest anime guys hope ya like em

10) Loki (fairy tail)

9) yugi Moto (you gi oh)


8) Karu NOT HICARRU PEOPLE YOU CANT MIX THEM UP (oron highchool host club)

7) Kaito (vocaloid) 

6) turmeric (a little snow fairy named sugar)

5) gray (fairy tail)

4) dark Magican (yu gi oh)

3)InuYasha (InuYasha)

  2) den/kish/kissu (mew mew power/Tokyo mew mew)

Drum roll please 3…2…1…

1) yugi sohma (fruits basket)


Sorry it took so long to post this


My dreams return

hi guys remember my dreams which Forest Ashely Cody and me well I hope you do because gues what there back. Yes I knows it’s been a few months (i think) I hope ya in joy this dream🐹.

Forest walked in the den where Darren was lying.

“What happened? Who did this? Why?” Forest studered.

“I don’t know Forest,” I calmly answered.

“Cody do me a favor,” I said

“What?” Cody answered.

“Take Darren to his room I’ll be able to care for him better there,” I said “Ashely take Forest and go to ‘the hut’ O don’t want any one else getting hurt,”

If you know why I am/was having those dreams will you tell me or even if you have 


so hi guys I’m going to do a Vocaloid fan fiction odiously I don’t own Vocaloid um… The charictors ore Len rin and an oc of my creation who will play as me:). More charictors may come in later

I get up out of bed and stretch as far as my arms will allow me to and yawn as loud as I can. Then wear idol walk down the stairs to have breakfast. Knock knock someone’s knocking on my door. I yawn again then open the door to let who ever was knocking in. 

” sorry ma’am I know it’s early but you got a letter, ” the mail man handed me a neon yellow envelope.

” Thanks, ” I say and he walks off. I wonder who is sending me a letter. I grab a letter opener shaped like a kitten. The note was written on matching yellow paper and a black pencil:

Dear Ai,w

Hi this is Len I got your letter obviously or I wouldn’t have written back sorry it took so long to reply but Rin was being a complete um… Yeah any way Rin destroyed the house. Can I stay with you? Great! I’ll be over on Tuesday at 10:05 meet me at the airport. Oh yeah Rin is going to your twin brother Hero’s house! Be there soon


“Oh geez great that’s today! ” I said aloud.

Ok guys soo sorry I haven’t posted for so long but nothing’s been happening to blog about so at one point I wrote this ps it’s not done yet but I had writers block


music Takes me far

To a land unknown to human eyes

A place overlooked by everyone 

Except for those who need it most
You don’t need to understand

What the singer is saying 

If it makes you happy than listen

You might be surprised
Music takes me higher

Can make you happy or sad

I hope you enjoy the poem 

The Boy I Thought I’d Never see Again

I met you in first grade

You never said your name

Nor did I

We just bumped

You were 1 year older

Than I 
I met you again in second grade

You never said your name

Nor did I 

We just said hi
I met you again in third grade

You never said your name

Nor did I 

We just said haven’t I seen you before
I met you again in forth grade 

You never said your name 

Net did I 

We just talked together

I thought that I would never see you again

I knew you were a year older than I
Unexpectedly I saw you

At a field trip to sixth grade

You finally introduced yourself

So did I

You were there 

When I needed you most

Even more dreams

That was the last dream I’ve ever had about Darren Cody Ashely and Forest but some times they end up in other dreams I have has although I won’t Know what happened to Darren…

He seams to be PK

Poem of the day no. . The way things are by Awordseeker

Some stories are too dark to be told.

But Some memories are too strong to grow old.
Some dreams are too dangerous to pursue.

But Some desires are too strong to subdue. 
Some fears are too strong to be faced.

But some people are too focused to be fazed.
Some people too close to fight.

But Some scars are too deep to hide,
Since Some things are too precious to be possessed,

Some sins are too grotesque to be confessed.
Some thirsts too much to be quenched,

But Some words too strong to be said,
Some wounds are too deep to heal,

Thus making Some hearts too cold to feel.
Some feelings are too strong to hide,

But Some distances are way too wide.
Some stories don’t get a forever,

But Some times a moment is enough forever.

OK guys I hope you like this poem all credit goes to him/her here’s his site please keep in mind I do NOT IN ANY WAY OWN THIS and all credit goes to him/her AGAIN I DONT OWN THIS AT ALL the reason I liked this poem is because it’s all too true And remember ALL RIGHTS GO TO HIM


I know this hole dream thing is sounding more and more like a book but I can’t help that my dream is just like that alright? Anyway these dreams seem to come in the form of a book were every chapter is another day and some one has to wake me up  and here’s the weirdest part when I wake up into the real world I’m extremely tired as if all that happened also even now when I’m awake I still feel like there here now and yesterday and to top it off I feel like I know them in person. The dreamers also a per like my sub conchous self has known them for years and is just now telling me.does anyone know why if so leave it on the comment.