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Ok so no one asked me any questions (one person did but not enough I answered it) so I found a few anime related ones and non anime real aged ones 


When did you become a fan of Anime/Manga?

I was young not sure what age although I didn’t know it was anime at the time.

What got you into anime/manga? 

Well my neighbor goy my brother into it then my brother showed it to me and I took it over so he stopped liking it.

What was your first anime/manga?

My first anime was Sgt. Frog. (I remember now)

Favorite anime/manga (or atleast top 3?) and who is your favorite character from them? 

1. Fruits Basket (Yuki Sohma)

2. Fullmetal Alchemist (Edward Elric)

3. Show By Rock!! (Kai and Riku they’re twins)

Do you prefer anime or manga? 

I’m like both because if I’m reading manga and my eyes hurt I switch to anime and I can bring manga to school

How much of an otaku are you? 

I watch it everyday and all my friends are otaku to.

Subs or Dub?

I can’t watch MOST sub so I prefer dub.

Can you draw anime/manga 


Have you ever been to a convention? if so did you cosplay? 

I went to nan desu kan but I didn’t cosplay. I’m going again this year and I’m cosplayong as sherayuki from Snow White With The Red Hair



So I just got back from a dental appointment so not really wanting to do anything so here is some old art

So I used sketchbook auto desk express and um I used bases and templates so If you own them tell me so I can put up citations but I do not own the base of templets or the mop characters (gen one)

Why am I an otaku???????

Konichiwa friends so recently otaku asked me 

why do you like anime (its me and i still dont know why?)

Ok first things first otaku I don’t know who you are or at Least I don’t recognize your name I’m sorry 😦

As for why amI an otaku ?/ how I became one?


Ok so for those of you who don’t know I’m leggally blind and have little/no depthperception. The first anime I watched was either Sgt. Frog, Fullmetal Alchemist the 2003 series or Ouran highschool Host Club. (I can’t remember it’s one of those) Well so even then I had no depth perception (my vision won’t get worse or better) and when I watched it I could see the depth in the show. (I don’t know why) and so later In learned that those cartoons where actually anime. I got more and more into it and started to love the art and other things about it. Later I became the Neko loving snow Sprite otaku I am today. I’ve also met so many friends as an Otaku. I wish I would have become one sooner. 
ImporTant Anouncment: now that school is out I can blog more expect one blog each day 🙂

Q and a

Kong how’s so I used to do a q and a called ask away I want to do it again so ask questions 

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