What do you do?

Mostly fan art or art in general.

How often do you update?

I try to do one post a day. I fail to no that a lot.  Stuff happens.

Home life:

I am an average middle school girl. Well not that average because I was born leggally blind. I have vary little depth perception. I also am an otaku (HUGE anime fan). My friends and I are really close. 

What is your vision?

Well I don’t know the numbers but I have optic nerve hypo plasha (did I spell that rite) and nystagmus. 

Optic nerve hypo plasha:


Your eye has 3 cones that sense diffrent wave lengths in light. Each cone is related to a buff rent color, red, green and yellow. (People who are color blind only have 2 depending on which one is missing certain colors will not visible). Depending on the wave lengths diffrent cones are activated. Diffrent combinations of cone send diffrent color signals. (EX: triggering red and green cones makes the color white) the optic nerve de-codes these signals and sends them to the brain Wichita in turn creates images and color (and depth). Well my optic nerve is smaller than it should be and is not connected to my Brian properly. This slows the proses of de-coding making it take longer to register in my brain and some light signals stay in my optic nerve. Then because my optic nerve is not wired to my brain correctly most depth is taken away . Later at night my pupils expand (as they do on any normal human) allowing more light to reach my cones enough that I get a clear pictur of the world (minus depth). 

If that confused you here is a summary: 

Humans have cones in their eye that sense color. The color is put into a way your brain can read and sent back though the optic nerve. My optic nerve is not connected to my brain correctly so it takes longer for me to see things. I also lose depth perseption in this proses. At night or in the dark a humans pupil expans. When this happens I get enough light to see clearly.

In short:

When you can’t see I can. 


Your cornea (colored part of your eye)  has muscles that pull it when you wish to move your eye. The muscles on the left and right of my eye are to small and constantly pull each other making my eyes move back and forth. This slows the less I think about it and the less nervousness I am. Even though my eyes move my world does not. 

Do/will you have a service dog

No, I might when I’m 14 depending on how my vision improves but I do have a German Shepard named Gretta. She is kinda like that lazy friend that sleeps and eats your food all day but you don’t have the heart to kick out.

She stole my bean bag chair.

What tools do you have for your vision 

4 cctv (at school) an ipad and a cane. (I don’t use my cane often.) 

Feel free to ask questions in the comments I’ll answer them gladly!!!!!

“Remember every thing you know I taught you but I have not taught you everything I know”

Peace guys 


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