Hi guys so it’s my birthday today and my mom is coming to my house tomorrow.  it might be awhile before I blog. What I’m planing to do is take a break from blogging for a bit probably until school starts again. If that happens I’ll go back to blogging on the weekends. That seems to work better for me because I stay more inspired if I have less reassure to got something done by a certain time. If I do draw something I think is worth sharing I will post it.


Winx club Musa

Hey guys, Yuki frost here and I’m sorry I haven’t updated for a while. I was in Missouri to see family and I didn’t want to tie myself up drawing all week when I came to see them. To those of you who don’t know as soon as I finish one drawing I immediately start drawing the next and so I set up a due date of the next week and draw almost all week when I’m not at school or listening to music. Anyway here is a trace I did of Musa!

Wolf +Anouncment 

Hi guys remember on the summer when I said I would draw a wolf and it never posted one? Well funny story I was going to draw a wolf but then I lost inspiration. Right let’s get to the Anouncment, welp because I’m on winter break I’m going to bring back the 90 day drawing challenge starting tomarrow from where we left off. 

90 day drawing challenge day 17-18 +ANNOUNCMENT 

Day 17: just a doodle

I’m so sorry I didn’t blog yesterday guys! To make up for it I drew 2 days today so I still draw the same amount of pictures during break.

Day 18: something orange 

Well the title was something orange so I took the title literally and drew an orange.


Ok guys so on Christmas (eve and day) and New Years I will not blog so don’t expect it.