Hiatus update, and new twitter account

Hi guys its been awhile. Today is a kind of different blog.

Hiatus update: As all of my Frosties (1) know I have been on hiatus a long, long time. Sorry about that I was starting to burn out creatively. I stopped and plan to stop during the summer blogging as after awhile it feels like a chore. I don’t want it to feel that way, so for the sake of creativity I wont blog in the summer. This doesn’t mean I stop drawing during the summer it just means I stop posting. Now that school has started back up I plan to get back to my regular weekly posts.

Twitter: For those of you who want to see how projects are going and what I’m drawing over the summer for my blog there is a way. Introducing my new twitter account @yuki_frost2022.

I figured you guys would wan’t some art after the long wait.

(1) I decided my fan base is going to be called frosties or the frosties.