New series

I am starting a new series based on the Welcome To Night vale series. Please note that this is simply a fan work and none of this is cannon. For timeline purposes I will start at the beginning of the podcast.



Hiya, frosties its me Yuki! I am trying to re work my blogging schedule but it’ll be awhile. Anyway here is a drawing of Shiro from Voltron that O did awhile ago.


Today may family and I went to Mt.Falcon. 

At tbe begining of the trail ( we did the castle trail) there was burmt forest. Lightning often stikes there so thats probably what happened. At some poim (this is as far as we whent) there is some ruins. You can’t go inside them as they are delicate.

there is a reason why my family shouldn’t have snappchar…

At least I’m somewhat sane.

On the way back we found a mountain veiw kinda thing.

we took pictures in a feild (bonuse points if you can find my cousin in one of these pics)

Here is a pucture pf my cousin and I

and on the way back we saw a babu dear.

Tama help

My rptamagochi music starvbroke. I went to check on it and the only thing there was a weird “black screen of death”. Their is no beep or response when I hit the buttons either.