so hi guys I’m going to do a Vocaloid fan fiction odiously I don’t own Vocaloid um… The charictors ore Len rin and an oc of my creation who will play as me:). More charictors may come in later

I get up out of bed and stretch as far as my arms will allow me to and yawn as loud as I can. Then wear idol walk down the stairs to have breakfast. Knock knock someone’s knocking on my door. I yawn again then open the door to let who ever was knocking in. 

” sorry ma’am I know it’s early but you got a letter, ” the mail man handed me a neon yellow envelope.

” Thanks, ” I say and he walks off. I wonder who is sending me a letter. I grab a letter opener shaped like a kitten. The note was written on matching yellow paper and a black pencil:

Dear Ai,w

Hi this is Len I got your letter obviously or I wouldn’t have written back sorry it took so long to reply but Rin was being a complete um… Yeah any way Rin destroyed the house. Can I stay with you? Great! I’ll be over on Tuesday at 10:05 meet me at the airport. Oh yeah Rin is going to your twin brother Hero’s house! Be there soon


“Oh geez great that’s today! ” I said aloud.

Ok guys soo sorry I haven’t posted for so long but nothing’s been happening to blog about so at one point I wrote this ps it’s not done yet but I had writers block


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