Top 10 cutest anime guys :) 

hi guys I’m back and better then ever 😉 soooo today I’m doing a top 10 cutest anime guys hope ya like em

10) Loki (fairy tail)

9) yugi Moto (you gi oh)


8) Karu NOT HICARRU PEOPLE YOU CANT MIX THEM UP (oron highchool host club)

7) Kaito (vocaloid) 

6) turmeric (a little snow fairy named sugar)

5) gray (fairy tail)

4) dark Magican (yu gi oh)

3)InuYasha (InuYasha)

  2) den/kish/kissu (mew mew power/Tokyo mew mew)

Drum roll please 3…2…1…

1) yugi sohma (fruits basket)


Sorry it took so long to post this


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