Why am I an otaku???????

Konichiwa friends so recently otaku asked me 

why do you like anime (its me and i still dont know why?)

Ok first things first otaku I don’t know who you are or at Least I don’t recognize your name I’m sorry 😦

As for why amI an otaku ?/ how I became one?


Ok so for those of you who don’t know I’m leggally blind and have little/no depthperception. The first anime I watched was either Sgt. Frog, Fullmetal Alchemist the 2003 series or Ouran highschool Host Club. (I can’t remember it’s one of those) Well so even then I had no depth perception (my vision won’t get worse or better) and when I watched it I could see the depth in the show. (I don’t know why) and so later In learned that those cartoons where actually anime. I got more and more into it and started to love the art and other things about it. Later I became the Neko loving snow Sprite otaku I am today. I’ve also met so many friends as an Otaku. I wish I would have become one sooner. 
ImporTant Anouncment: now that school is out I can blog more expect one blog each day 🙂


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