my heros

For those of you who dont know I am a 7tn grader. I don’t wanna say any more than that. This post is kind pf personal so I might password protect it, but i doubt I will though because it’s important to me and maybe other people. For saftey reasons I am going to change their names but when or if they read this, they’ll know who they are. Both of these teachers I met in 6th grade.  if I didnt meet them I dont know what I would be doing oe how happy I would be in school, or for that matter if my bog would be going on, or the fact that I post art on here and have a scheduel thats how influental these people are. 

My first hero we’ll call him Mr.Beard (he has THE BEST beard) is my 6th and 7th grade socail studdies teacher. One of my best memories was when we where learning about how the British started taxing America against their will. To show how upset people where at this he staged a thing where he annouced the new school rules, there where things like we had to start paying to use the desks  and pencil sharpeners and other stuff. I started freaking out. (I was a sobbing mess). He started feeling guilty and so he wrote on i sticky note “Its a joke.  one of this is real. Shhh don’t tell.” I had to put my head down so it looked like i was crying instead of laughing. He is also letting me teach about Japan. Something I had always wanted to do. I mean I had studied the culture and histor since 4th grade. When I’m having a bad day he knows how to make me happy. Its strange, when I first started middle school I didn’t like socal studies one bit. It wasn’t hto hard or anything, it just wasn’t intesting . Now I find myself waiting for his class. I remeber when we where talking about the Pearl Harbor bombing he looked at me and said “Your not gonna like this Yuki” and proceeded to explain what nappened then. Afterwards the class started shouting stuff like “Boo Japan!” and I put my head on my desk and started laughing Mr. Beard walked up to me amd said “come on guys! she is right here”. I proceeded to laugh even harder. There was also this one time I was sneezing but my sneeze sounds like a cough so he thought I was choking.

My second hero is my 6th and 7th art teacher. Let’s call her Ms.. cat ears. I knew I liked to draw and I also knew that I didn’t have good technique as I hadn’t had any art classes that taught that. (the elemenary art teacher at the time SUCKED).When we first met she didn’t know I was blimd. Somehow I managed to forget to tell her. (I don’tsee telling people I’m blind is important unless I’m in a situation where it REALLY matters) At some oint I did tell her. I think it was the next day. She hates glitter so one time a friend of mine made a bowl out og glitter just to tick her off. Our school doesn’t let us wear cat ears so one time I brought a bunch of cat ears to school and all the girls in my art class wore them and took a picture. One day all the girls in my class wore cat ears and some of my friends left the room without taking them off. The lady in the office saw but they took their ears pff to fast so she couldn’t take them. The office called Ms. cat ear’s room all she said was “Yup ok will do.” and whent back to what she was doing. A few minutes later we asked what the call was for. She said that the lady in the office wanted her to “Take those girls ears right noe!” Some one else asked if she would and she said no. She is also the one who introduced me to sketchbook wich is what I do my drawings on. 

I hope the both of you relise how much you mean to me and have infuenced my life. Thank you so much.


One thought on “my heros

  1. I read this…. and CRIED. You are such an awesome young woman! You are such a sensitive person with such a HUGE heart, Thank You for being WHO you are. I learn from you everyday!


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