My hero’s journey

Hi guys so today I wanted to write my hero’s journey. Everyone has one, it’s the story of how you became you. Later I will also post redrawing of stuff I drew 3-5 grade. A heros journey should have 12 paragraphs but mine might have more

Paragraph one: ordinary world 

I used to live in Kansas before I moved here to Colorado. I don’t actually remember much about Kansas, so I’m not gonna talk about it. Anyway I was born leggally blind with no depth perception (ar the time I had no depth perception at all) No one could really tell. Unless they knew me. In first grade I started watching anime.  I always loved music and art so I figured why not draw it. That year I met my best friend Tohru (not real name just what I call her) I also had a surgery to give me depth perseption. (Or just a little) 

Second grade was fun, while I didn’t have the best art classes (we learned through thick packets) but music was AMAZING my teacher was awasome and so I had a lot of fun. I got more into music than art. Tohru and I came closer together that year. Third and Fourth grade continued like this. (I also started learning Japanese in forth) 5 grade was hard my art classes were better but music was terrible, so I fell behind in music. ( the old art and music teachers retired) but I still loved art and I still drew anime.

I am going to do this in parts so there will be 12 parts


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