Moore dreams

hi guys eremember Forest, Darren, Cody, and Ashely?  (From my last blog) well I hope you do 🙂 because I had another dream about them. Yay 🙂 

Some one was poking me. “Alex, Alex” I heard the person poking me say. It was to quit to be Forest and only Darren has ever even tried to enter my room. So who could it be? I let out a small groan and sit up it was Cody.

“What?” I grumble 

“It’s Darren something’s wrong,” Cody replies

“What?” I get up as fast as I could” where is he?”

” he’s in the den he never went to his room but something’s wrong ” he says

I run out if the room not bothering to get out of my pajamas. I Go down the long corridor into our large dark den. I reach for a lamp so u can see. Ashely was beside Darren who was laying on the couch. Darren had small patches of blood and was seeming to have been knocked out. Could this have been whatdarren was trying to tell me earlier when he started crying? 

“Ashely go get a rag and bucket of hot water from the kitchen,” I order. Cody just entered the den “Cody do we have any bandages ,” 

” I’ll check,”Cody and Ashely run off to get the things I asked for. I slowly walk over to Darren.

“You’ll be OK,” I said putting my hand on his forehead being carefull not to touch the bloody cut. ” who did this to you?,”I can feel me eyes start to tear it is my turn to cry.

Ashely came in with the water.” Is he gonna be OK?”

“I don’t know Ashely I really do not know” I was shocked by how stern my voice was. I took the rag and started to was his wounds. He had a large gaston his are that needed to be bandaged emedently.


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