hi guys so the reason this is called dreams s because I was reading a book at go to quiz called when hearts collide olthough the author had to stop writing though 😦 so ther are 4 main characters besides me ( I didn’t look like I really do though I had while hair that touched the ground ant had 2 pink strips about an inch apart my eyes chanced color every half hour and I only wore black even my pajamas) Forest ( he wore a dark earthy green tee and dark brown sweat pants he also had white hair although he didn’t have any hair coloring and he had noen green eyes ) Ashly (he wore a bright blue tee and dark blue jeans whith blue hair) Darren (he had black hair he wore a black turtle neck black hoodie around his waist and black shoes) and the bad guy Ben ( he had blonde hair a red tee and purple jeans)

Forest was leaning over me when I woke up ” come on master Alex I want to train!” 

” well someone’s eager but let’s have breakfast first then we’ll train,” I said shoving forest out of my way so I could get up. Forest tugged on my arm and through the long coredoor to the large kitchen and dinning area Darren sat at the far side of the table while Ashly and Cody sat looking glaring at each other as usual 

Me being the oldest of the group is the one who is suppose to make any meal. We have a sort of pact I make the meals and train them to use there powers Darren cleans forest is the house alarm clock who always wakes me up first Ashly does the shopping Cody plans fun events always leaving time to train at the end of the day (or begging). 

” Ashly we need more oat meal,” I say ” what does everyone want for breackfast,” I get no reply. “Waffles it is then ”

After breakfast which by the way turns out to be a disaster Darren was the only one who didn’t complain. Every one goes to there rooms except Forest who got to our room then said he was going on a walk . That’s when something strange happens. I get a knock on the door.

” who is it?” I ask.


This is strange because Darren has always just gone to his room atpfter his chore or after a meal and he never complains and only speaks when asked to “Come in,” I say after a little hesitation. I hear the door creak and Darren steps in.

“Can I ask you something Alex?” Darren says.

“You know I’m always here if you need me,”I say

We sit on my large king size bed. 

Darren hesitates before speaking “do yo know why I always keep to myself?”

I shake my head

” b-because,” he can’t speak anymore because he starts crying so hardi don’t think he’s even breathing. I hug him the way you would to confert a small child even though he was only a year younger than me. 

“You’ll be OK,” I say. Darren crying is also weird because when he is out of his room he never shows any feeling he doesn’t smile but he also doesn’t frown. I’m glad Forest isn’t here because he’d tell everyone about this.

After Darren stops crying we sit in silence for a while before I take him to his room.


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