Dear aunt holly

( my ant is making me do this )

Hello aunt holly I am going to make this about my favrote anime and that is um… Well… Ua… Un.. Yeah…hard choice… I gues… If you made me choose … It would have…. To …be…FAIRY TAIL.

I like it because there’s a lot of magic AND it has 3 of my favrote anime charictos Loki Aries and gray ( who I know you like te he


love him

Some time I’m gonna sketch hit (dreamy sigh) now I’m going to sumerise what I have seen so far ( theirs a total of about 600 episodes)

Natsu the dragon slayer is on his way to see a so called salamander (he almost died of motion sickness) he turns out to be a fak. He meats a run away rich girl who didn’t’ like her life as a rich person ( of corse Natsu didn’t know that she was rich or a run away) she treats him to a dinner ( a full table full but vary little reached his mouth no wonder he’s always so hungery) anyway Lucy ( the runaway) blabs on and on about becoming a member of the fairy tail guild ( a magic guild for wizzerds like her and Natsu ) later on a boat crash Lucy finds out that Natsu is a member of fairy tail and he brings her to the guild were they have many more adventures to come and that’s just episode 1


Geez that’s a mouth full I love you aunt Holly


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