Ph&j cake rolls

are you hungry? Do you want to eat heathy? Well do I have a treat for you try a home made pb&j cake roll you will need

  • 2 slices of bread ( what ever kind you prefer)
  • A jar of SMOOTHE peanut butter (OBVOUSELY don’t eat it if you have a nut allergy)
  • Grape jam
  • Hony
  1. Take one slice of bread 
  2. Spread the jam all over the bread leaving the edge empty
  3. In all the areas whithout jam spread hony this will not only improve the taste but will help the bread stick later
  4. Roll the side whith the jam onto itself ( keep in mind it may help if you if you cut off the crusts)

Now that you’ve finished the jelly part let’s start the peanut butter part 

  1. Take the other piece of bread 
  2. Spread peanut butter all over it (be sure you cover all the bread)
  3. Spread the hony over the peanut butter (you really near to do that because peanut butter and bread don’t taste good together at all TRUST ME)
  4. Roll the bread ( Keep in mind the crust can be a problem)

And to da I hope you in joy you snack!




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